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Create and share lifelike iPhone text conversations with most advance online fake text composer.

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Phonegags is a modern platform provides creative tools to author contents for your digital and printed publications, course material and have fun with friends and family.

PhoneGags ancestor IphoneFakeText.com has made for have fun with friends. Since 2012, we have seen that lots of educators, book authors and content creators have been using it for their publications. PhoneGag born to better service their needs. We offer free and commercial license option to get you job done with ease in mind.

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PhoneGag offer cheapest options to create content for your publications. Whether it is digital publication, course material, book or any printer material, commercial, marketing email or social media complain, you can purchase commercial license with high resolution images for small flat fee.

For regular content creators, we introduced monthly subscription program to get your content created and licensed for even lower fee.


It is always free for you to have fun with your friends. You may download standard resolution image for your creation.

Depending on your requirement , you may get a high-resolution image for very low one time fee.


PhoneGag will not responsible for user generated contents. You, as a content creator hold responsibility for any damage caused to you or by you to third parties arising from your creation. We hold right to release your contact information in such incident.

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